<Island Woman>


Island woman
Shining smiles of the sun
Blue wind from over the Caribbean
No desire
By the sea of sapphire
I know your heart is warm with the Rasta fire

Island woman
Coming with a lot of fun
Delightful singing for everyone
Exciting sounds
Always make my heart pound
I know everyday is happy as you're around

On the secret beach
Farther than the eye can reach
Under the moonlight
Winey all night
The face you beam
Might be a dream
Hope it will last a little longer just for you and me

Island woman
Nothing needs to be done
A blissful day has just begun
Swinging palm trees
Two of us are born free
Oh yeah, the word to you is just "Irie !"

© Rockkakubashi 1984 / 柴犬P 2020